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January 18, 2021 / catherinebwrites


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Iseult is my cousin, not first cousin, second cousin maybe? First cousin once removed? I’m never too sure which is which. She’s the youngest daughter of my first cousin. Up to recently I’d only met her at family gatherings. Our family runs to great swathes of aunties, uncles and cousins who gather regularly to eat, drink, catch up, gossip and talk nonsense.

I’d always liked Iseult but we’d never had more than pleasant, superficial chat. During Lockdown she was furloughed from work and turned to her great love, her art. She’s a trained artist and a genius with colour. She started painting on silk to make scarves. I thought they looked good and, when lockdown was eased and visits to houses were deemed O.K., I went to her house to choose some.

Image may contain: 1 person

We had coffee and got into chat and I discovered that, artistically, we a lot in common. “How so?” You may ask, “She’s a painter, you’re a writer.”

But the process of creation is the same. The same daunting blank page/canvas. The same first draft that we think is horrific. The same hard, hard work to produce something that we’re not too ashamed of.

She showed me her scarves and some of her paintings. Oh yes, I thought, she’s good. We drank more coffee, chatted some more and laughed a lot. Despite the generational gap, we discovered a lot more in common.

Image may contain: plant
One of her paintings

I’d been thinking of doing a Dun Laoghaire Arts project. You had to team up with another artist and produce work on the theme of Metamorphosis. Who would I work with? With Covid restrictions, how easy would it be to meet?

By now I’d been in Iseult’s house for a couple of hours and it suddenly struck me. Iseult was an artist. We were on the same page and she lived very near me. Would she be interested in working with me? She jumped at the chance.

Iseult McCormack Creations updated their info in the about section.

We met each a week in her house, when that was permitted. When it wasn’t, and the weather was good, we met on the pier in Bray watching the swans and the tides. And on Zoom when the weather was awful and now that the new Lockdown has cramped everyone’s style.

She’s a joy to be with, a delight to work with, full of ideas and we seem to spark one another The project is coming along and, whether anyone thinks the final result is good, bad or indifferent, we’re having a ball. We are laughing a lot, finding still more in common and lifting one another’s spirits. In these dark times that is no small matter.

Check out her Facebook: <>

Instagram: htps://


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January 14, 2021 / catherinebwrites


Sparrows, Sparrows Family, Birds, Chats, Group

There’s a hedge at the bottom of our garden. It’s not our hedge. It’s on the other side of our back fence and it’s a nuisance. A mix of blackberry bramble and ivy, it creeps over everything. It has strangled our clematis Montana. It has crept over our shed and sneaked inside making it leak. And it doesn’t even give us blackberries. Oh yes, it does produce them but they’re way too high up to collect. We hack it back as best we can, but still it encroaches.

Every Spring a pair of blackbirds nest on our roof. And somewhere nearby a magpie and a pigeon conduct a regular feud. But during Lockdown we noticed more birds than usual, sparrows, with bits of twigs and leaves and fluff in their beaks, flying in and out of the hated hedge. And each morning we woke to their clamorous twitters.

One day while I was out weeding, ( see <>) I stood to consider a maple tree that had escaped its pot. Was growing too big for our tiny plot? Should we cut it down? But I do love a maple and this one looked really cute with its pink leaves peeping out of green buds on the bare branches.

Suddenly the hedge behind me started a furious rustle and a couple of fledglings burst out on to the roof of our shed. They fluttered down to the fence between us and the neighbours. They flapped into the maple. More followed and more and more. I got to fifteen before I lost count. They hopped from branch to branch pecking at leaf buds. They flitted from branch to fence and from fence back to branch. They fluttered down to the ground and hopped to the edge of our tiny pool. They perched on the stones and drank water.

Animals, Bird, Tit, Blue Tit, Drink, Bird Bath, Thirst

I was enraptured. I put out my arm to lean on the shed when suddenly, a half dozen or so flew out of the maple. They zoomed under my arm and back into the hedge. I felt the wind of their wings on my skin. It was thrilling.

Yes, that was a highlight.

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January 6, 2021 / catherinebwrites


zoom stories


I hated it. All that faffing around with tech.

“Click on your video.”

“It’s bottom left.”

“Turn on your mic.”

Whistles, fuzzy sound, figures lurking in the dark. And me staring at myself on screen looking like a witch who has tossed a bag of flour in her own face.

I used it because I’d been invited to tell stories. As I told, distracting texts started flashing on screen. There were no sudden bursts of laughter. No gasps of surprise. None of that audience energy that dictates how you tell a story.

And no applause.

When I was done I was wrecked. I did it a couple of times, then I swore I’d never do it again.

But the lure of telling got to me. Gradually I discovered “Gallery view”, “Speaker View” and “Chat” and I remembered to turn up the volume on my speaker. People wrote nice things in Chat. I wrote back. With Covid rampaging, clearly Zoom was the future

I still missed the live audience.

Then I got involved with World Ceilidh, organised by Marin Millenaar. It’s international story event. There were people from all over Europe, the Far East, U.S.A., Canada and South America. Most are story tellers. They recognise a good story and know when it’s well told. Praise from them is high praise indeed.

After a live performance people come to you afterwards to say they enjoyed it. And that’s lovely. But storytellers recognize why they enjoy it, they recognize good editing and the well-chosen details that create the magic. Their feedback is more precise, and they liked my stories. It is lovely to be appreciated by people who know what they’re talking about!

But I still miss the live audience.

So, something that started as a horror had become a highlight!

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January 4, 2021 / catherinebwrites

Highlights of 2020- No.6 – The postman.


14 powerful examples of Irish innovation during Covid-19 | Think Business

Our Postman is a walking wonder.

Before the pandemic I’d heard him push letters through the letterbox. I’d glimpsed him through the window in winter and nodded at him from the garden in summer.

He’s a tall young man, good-looking, in a wholesome, boy-next-door kind of way. The kind my mother urged me to marry. But I, of course, dismissed her suggestions. Instead I flirted with bad boys, Peter Pans and guys I thought must be interesting because of their tattoos, piercings and fancy moustaches. They all turned out to be eejits!

Women prefer hairy beer-bellies to metrosexuals - Get Ahead

In Lockdown, they said, we could give our letters direct to the postman. We took advantage of this and soon we got talking, at 2 meters, with our guy. He even offered to take parcels of books and post them for us. It was great talking to someone other than ourselves.

Soon we were lurking. Watching from behind the curtains to spot his bike arrive on our road. Wandering into the garden “by chance”. We were, I suspect, a hint over-eager but he always seemed willing to chat.

People started ordering on line more and more. Sorting offices were overwhelmed. Orders were slower to arrive. Some took their frustration out on the postman. He just nodded and listened and sympathized. He checked on vulnerable people and was always ready with an offer help . His rounds took longer and longer. He still smiled and stopped for a chat.

I know he’s not unique. I know that postmen all over the country were equally efficient and warm and helpful and chatty.

So Hurray for Our Postman.

Hurray for the Postmen of Ireland.

Hurray for the Postmen of the World.

hurray - Laker School District - Elkton – Pigeon – Bay Port

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January 2, 2021 / catherinebwrites

Highights of 2020 No. 5 – NETTLES


I know, unlikely. But that first day out from the lockdown, when I saw the nettles, wow. I had to write about it.



Lockdown had halted my regular walks so, on this first outing, my knees feel creaky and my ankles complain.  But the sun soothes my back.

 In the park at the end of our road I cross the little bridge.  The rusting bike is gone.  The stream is clear and the water is gurgling.  On the bank there is a great bed of nettles. They have a come-hither look.  I find myself staring.  The leaves spring out from their stems.   Healthy.  Alert.   Edges serrated.  Ready to sting an attacker.   I always thought that new growth was tender and green but not these.   These are dark, tinged with purple and beautiful.  

Butterflies love nettles. People gather them for soup.   Some slash and burn them.  I stand and look, remembering childhood stings, my father plucking a soothing dock leaf and endless summers. 


So that was two highlights for the price of one. The Nettles and the enjoyment of writing the piece.

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January 1, 2021 / catherinebwrites



A guide to weeding by hand | lovethegarden

I know, an unlikely highlight. Especially given my past history. Himself is the one with green fingers. Everything he plants, blooms, every weakling he tends, recovers. Plants don’t die at my hands but, I do expect them to look after themselves and, sometimes they don’t.

Then every so often a clump of weeds catches my eye. I vow to remove them. Each time I pass them I vow it again. Finally I get the urge.

“I’ll just do that bit to-day.” I resolve.

I pull one gang of weeds to find a phalanx of smaller weeds luring me on.

“I’ll just do this next bit.” I think.

But I keep on and on on ’till I have to call for a fork-lift and a licensed physiotherapist to remove me from the garden and place me on the sofa.

Weeding’s a killer.

But, six weeks of lockdown!

I limited my weeding to a small patch per day and went for total clearance. Every weed removed. Lovely idea. Then there’s scutch grass, and the fancy stuff that’s supposed to look pretty but has sneaked in everywhere. I pulled yards and yards of the roots. I pulled great tangles. I felt great. I felt I was winning. I was not. There were still more of them lurking, down there, getting the revs up. For the time being, however, there was plenty of space for bushes to bloom and flowers to grow.

Fairy garden | Cartoon garden, Fairy garden background, Disney castle  drawing
Dusclaimer: Not my garden bit it did feel like this

Over the weeks I got the whole garden weeded. Himself clipped, tied up, planted, supported and repaired. The garden looked great.

A definite highlight.

ᐈ Cartoon garden creatures stock vectors, Royalty Free garden cartoon night  illustrations | download on Depositphotos®

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December 31, 2020 / catherinebwrites


Hands Of A Group Of Friends Clinking Glasses Of Wine And Toasting Stock  Image - Image of happiness, dinner: 179301219

3. An evening with friends.

We were fresh back from India and mad to tell everyone about it. We edited photos, and decided who’d tell what. I’d do Delhi, he’d do the tigers, I’d do the Taj and so on. We fixed a date when family was free to eat with us and hear our tales.

But before that could happen, M., my great friend since forever, invited us to her house. There’d be drinks, there’d be dinner, there’d be mutual friends. But, she warned, we’d have to sing for our supper.

Or to put it another way, an audience! Wow! Let me at it.

How to Build an Audience of 1000 True Fans in a Noisy World | by Srinivas  Rao | Medium

We ate, we drank, we reminisced, we mocked politicians, we laughed, we sorted the world’s problems then we told our Indian tales. And showed our Indian photos. They loved it.

What tales? What photos? See my 25 blogs. Start here: ttps://

It’s like a mirage


Italy was in bits. Spain was boiling over. France was getting jittery. We were all in danger now. We cancelled the Family meal .

Could there be highlights in lockdown?


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December 30, 2020 / catherinebwrites



I’ve been intending to travel in India since Adam was in the Higlanders. Somehow it never happened till last January. It was amazing, mind expanding, challenging and totally fabulous. However, as I’ve written 25 blogs about it, maybe you’d like to browse among them for more information

Start here:

We heard rumours of a disease that had broken out in Wuhan in China but we reckoned that Wuhan was far, far away.

As we waited in out hotel foyer for the taxi to take us to the airport for out flight home, a group of Chinese travellers checked in. Two of them sat on a sofa across from us. They hauled a bundle of face-masks out of their luggage and divided them out.

Disposable Face Masks - 50 PCS - For Home & Office - 3-Ply Breathable &  Comfortable Filter Safety Mask - -

Wuhan seemed a bit closer then. But hey, we were going back home to the very edge of Europe.

Geography for Kids: Ireland

Ireland would surely be safe.


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December 30, 2020 / catherinebwrites


There’s that meme going round. “Highlights of 2020” but when you click on the arrow nothing happens…. ha-ha-ha.

But there were some highlights.

  1. The plane to New Delhi – Jan 1st.
NEW* Air France Uniform 2012 Absolutely beautiful! Description from I searched for this on

We picked it up in Paris, Air France. It was jammed to the gunnells, but the Air Stewardesses were terribly soignee. Chingon hairstyles and a scarf tied at the neck with French flair. Cool as all get out.

“Is it a rule, ” I asked when they came to serve my meal. “that the people who work for Sir France must be absolutely gorgeous?”

Well they were, everyone of them, this wasn’t flattery, just the plain truth. And those cool, soignee, French women fell on my neck! They’re not used to compliments, mostly passengers ignore them or are rude, or wierdos, or make unreasonable demands… and the airline staff have to smile and smile and smile.

After that little exchange I got fabulous attention and they gave me a gift, a polished stone from Madagascar in a little bag.

I’m all on for being a favoured passenger! It makes sitting for several hours in a seat with your knees up your nose, just that little bit easier.

November 13, 2020 / catherinebwrites


Data wrangling: How data goes from raw to refined -- GCN

It’s so simple they say. Just click a few buttons.

woman screaming image - The Future of Customer Engagement and Experience


I need to download Zoom Pro. No problem they said. Here’s a video. I click on the video. A charming young woman tells me its’ simple….

Elderly woman raising eyebrow and looking at camera, portrait Stock Photo -  Alamy


I follow the instructions. “Click this icon, that icon, the other icon.”


Unhappy woman crying Royalty Free Vector Image

I take a deep breath and scour for more info. Hours later I trip over a video.

What to do if the icons are not on your page. “

Phew photos, royalty-free images, graphics, vectors & videos | Adobe Stock


I follow it faithfully until it too suggests icons I don’t have.

Despair stock image. Image of women, serious, grief, youth - 7136077

Woe is me.

But I struggle on. I click everything in sight and eventually…….

Cartoon Happy Lady in Confetti #9201 by Ron Leishman

YIEEEEHA! I’ve got it.

I try a little test run. Lookin’ good… but…


I click everything. Still no sound.

Angry Computer Stock Illustrations – 3,539 Angry Computer Stock  Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

Lead me to the internet…

I’m going to kill it!

It’s now 17.30 p.m. in the evening. I started this at 10.00 this morning. I need a rest. I need food. I need a good night’s sleep. I need sympathy.

I go downstairs and tell my husband my sad tale. He makes sympathetic noises. Then he adds,

“Did you turn up the volume on the speakers?”

49 Duh Woman Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

LESSON FOR ME… Turn up the volume.


You often say, do this or that, assuming that the viewer knows how to do it.


The first principle of good teaching is:

Assume they know nothing.

If they do know they can skip ahead. The rest of us will be eternally grateful.

It’s taken 8 long hours to download an app.


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