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April 26, 2023 / catherinebwrites


rainbows a go-go

You’ve heard neither hair nor hide of me for yonks…

I was plagued with various cough-y things, and then broke my arm. Yikes!

I emerged after Christmas and went window shopping. And I was lured. The siren sign,


A seductive word. Especially when there’s pretty clothes involved. I went in and browsed, saw nothing I fancied and, as I left, I tripped on a down step that I hadn’t expected.

I did that ‘I-think-I-can-save-it’ hop, skip and run and went splat in the middle of Main Street Blackrock.

The upshot was a broken arm strapped to my body for three long weeks.

As I sat, feeling sorry for myself, Molly and Sadie came for a visit. They’re my next door neighbors. Molly is 5 and Sadie is 2. They’d drawn rainbows for me. And those rainbows made me feel happy.


And, now that I’m emerging once more into the world, I’ve stuck them up in my office because they still make me feel happy.


And whenever I need inspiration I look at them and ideas spring into my head.

Thank you Molly and Sadie.

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