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September 23, 2022 / catherinebwrites


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So there was stuff. Life was getting at me. My focus was on my nearest and dearest. I assumed that my .ie domain was paid by standing order. It wasn’t.

My website had disappeared. On enquiry I found that it had been sold to a stranger. Sold to a stranger!


I consulted a nephew. He suggested checking every Catherine Brophy that Google can offer, on the off chance that one of them bought it. They hadn’t.

All I could do now was set up a new site and recover what I could. That should be easy. It wasn’t.

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Then the phone rang and and I heard the voice of an angel.

His name was Padraig.

“I have your website,” he said, “I got it in a job lot and you can have it back”


It should be easy. It wasn’t.

I called on Clint, another angel I’d heard about.

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Clint wove all kinds of magic but nothing happened. Then he and Padraig got on the phone to each other and talked in angel-speak. Magic happened and I got my website back.

Thank you angels.


PADRAIG ANTHONY: ( I’ll add in his details when he sends them)

CLINTON DAVIES : Facebook: @DegitalWebsSolutions

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