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January 4, 2021 / catherinebwrites

Highlights of 2020- No.6 – The postman.


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Our Postman is a walking wonder.

Before the pandemic I’d heard him push letters through the letterbox. I’d glimpsed him through the window in winter and nodded at him from the garden in summer.

He’s a tall young man, good-looking, in a wholesome, boy-next-door kind of way. The kind my mother urged me to marry. But I, of course, dismissed her suggestions. Instead I flirted with bad boys, Peter Pans and guys I thought must be interesting because of their tattoos, piercings and fancy moustaches. They all turned out to be eejits!

Women prefer hairy beer-bellies to metrosexuals - Get Ahead

In Lockdown, they said, we could give our letters direct to the postman. We took advantage of this and soon we got talking, at 2 meters, with our guy. He even offered to take parcels of books and post them for us. It was great talking to someone other than ourselves.

Soon we were lurking. Watching from behind the curtains to spot his bike arrive on our road. Wandering into the garden “by chance”. We were, I suspect, a hint over-eager but he always seemed willing to chat.

People started ordering on line more and more. Sorting offices were overwhelmed. Orders were slower to arrive. Some took their frustration out on the postman. He just nodded and listened and sympathized. He checked on vulnerable people and was always ready with an offer help . His rounds took longer and longer. He still smiled and stopped for a chat.

I know he’s not unique. I know that postmen all over the country were equally efficient and warm and helpful and chatty.

So Hurray for Our Postman.

Hurray for the Postmen of Ireland.

Hurray for the Postmen of the World.

hurray - Laker School District - Elkton – Pigeon – Bay Port

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