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January 1, 2021 / catherinebwrites



A guide to weeding by hand | lovethegarden

I know, an unlikely highlight. Especially given my past history. Himself is the one with green fingers. Everything he plants, blooms, every weakling he tends, recovers. Plants don’t die at my hands but, I do expect them to look after themselves and, sometimes they don’t.

Then every so often a clump of weeds catches my eye. I vow to remove them. Each time I pass them I vow it again. Finally I get the urge.

“I’ll just do that bit to-day.” I resolve.

I pull one gang of weeds to find a phalanx of smaller weeds luring me on.

“I’ll just do this next bit.” I think.

But I keep on and on on ’till I have to call for a fork-lift and a licensed physiotherapist to remove me from the garden and place me on the sofa.

Weeding’s a killer.

But, six weeks of lockdown!

I limited my weeding to a small patch per day and went for total clearance. Every weed removed. Lovely idea. Then there’s scutch grass, and the fancy stuff that’s supposed to look pretty but has sneaked in everywhere. I pulled yards and yards of the roots. I pulled great tangles. I felt great. I felt I was winning. I was not. There were still more of them lurking, down there, getting the revs up. For the time being, however, there was plenty of space for bushes to bloom and flowers to grow.

Fairy garden | Cartoon garden, Fairy garden background, Disney castle  drawing
Dusclaimer: Not my garden bit it did feel like this

Over the weeks I got the whole garden weeded. Himself clipped, tied up, planted, supported and repaired. The garden looked great.

A definite highlight.

ᐈ Cartoon garden creatures stock vectors, Royalty Free garden cartoon night  illustrations | download on Depositphotos®

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