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December 31, 2020 / catherinebwrites


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3. An evening with friends.

We were fresh back from India and mad to tell everyone about it. We edited photos, and decided who’d tell what. I’d do Delhi, he’d do the tigers, I’d do the Taj and so on. We fixed a date when family was free to eat with us and hear our tales.

But before that could happen, M., my great friend since forever, invited us to her house. There’d be drinks, there’d be dinner, there’d be mutual friends. But, she warned, we’d have to sing for our supper.

Or to put it another way, an audience! Wow! Let me at it.

How to Build an Audience of 1000 True Fans in a Noisy World | by Srinivas  Rao | Medium

We ate, we drank, we reminisced, we mocked politicians, we laughed, we sorted the world’s problems then we told our Indian tales. And showed our Indian photos. They loved it.

What tales? What photos? See my 25 blogs. Start here: ttps://

It’s like a mirage


Italy was in bits. Spain was boiling over. France was getting jittery. We were all in danger now. We cancelled the Family meal .

Could there be highlights in lockdown?


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