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December 30, 2020 / catherinebwrites


There’s that meme going round. “Highlights of 2020” but when you click on the arrow nothing happens…. ha-ha-ha.

But there were some highlights.

  1. The plane to New Delhi – Jan 1st.
NEW* Air France Uniform 2012 Absolutely beautiful! Description from I searched for this on

We picked it up in Paris, Air France. It was jammed to the gunnells, but the Air Stewardesses were terribly soignee. Chingon hairstyles and a scarf tied at the neck with French flair. Cool as all get out.

“Is it a rule, ” I asked when they came to serve my meal. “that the people who work for Sir France must be absolutely gorgeous?”

Well they were, everyone of them, this wasn’t flattery, just the plain truth. And those cool, soignee, French women fell on my neck! They’re not used to compliments, mostly passengers ignore them or are rude, or wierdos, or make unreasonable demands… and the airline staff have to smile and smile and smile.

After that little exchange I got fabulous attention and they gave me a gift, a polished stone from Madagascar in a little bag.

I’m all on for being a favoured passenger! It makes sitting for several hours in a seat with your knees up your nose, just that little bit easier.

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