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August 10, 2020 / catherinebwrites


Village market

How you travel in India depends on time, funds and personal preference. It also depends on what you want to see. Top of our wish list was TIGERS.

India’s National parks have a huge range of wildlife, elephant, tiger, leopard, bear, plus a abundant deer, monkey, peacock and boar, not to mention the birds. Indians want to preserve their wildlife and they don’t need tourists clumping through their forests destroying rare plants, plucking the fruits locals need and disturbing the animals. Besides it is dangerous.

Tigers might cast a disdainful glance at a jeep full of tourists, but humans, gamboling on their patch, might look tasty. Wild elephant are dangerous too. When a new herd entered the park, the wardens closed the tour route that passed near them. Leopard sleep during the day. Still, I wouldn’t fancy my chances if I happened to disturb one. So, the only way to see wildlife is with an organised tour.

Any excuse at all to show off my tiger photo!



Googled “Tigers in India”. Talked to friends. Researched. Bandhavgarh National Forest was considered the best places to see tigers.

We tried contacting them through the Bandhavgarh website. That didn’t work. After much bumbling we found this. They sorted safari trips to the forest and accommodation.

The Holidays (Regd.)(Unit of Indus Excursion)

Head Off.: C-3, Ground Floor, Kachnar City, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India

Tel.: +91 8989007070, 0761 4006070

Whats App: +91 9425412741

Email: [email protected][email protected]


Social Media: Twitter Facebook |Blogs | Twitter  


Our first thought was, “We’re in India, it has to be train.” But there was no direct train from Delhi. We found a suitable flight from Delhi to Jabalpur with Bravofly.

The Holidays rep picked us up in a taxi and we drove another 3 hours to our hotel in the village of Tala, in the National Forest of Bandhavgarh.

The Hotel was charming. The Safris well organised and our wonderful driver Ramilan picked us up each morning and afternoon in his jeep. And we saw tigers… and not just tigers….

Fabulous creture

This was a brilliant few days. (See blogs India 5 and India 6 for more details.) Seeing tiger in the wild and close up is one of my greatest experiences. I know this sounds silly, but, afterwards, I felt that somehow it had made me a better person!

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