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February 14, 2018 / catherinebwrites


What will happen if Theresa May loses her seat in parliament?

Dear Mrs May,

You’re in a pickle.   We all know you’re in a pickle.   And it is painful to watch.   All of Europe finds it painful to watch.   The whole world finds it painful to watch.   And we know that you’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t.   No matter what solution you come up with, it will cause conniptions all round.

So here’s my suggestion.   You’re the Prime Minister of Britain, you’ve  achieved your life’s ambition.    And even if wasn’t, it’s a great addition for your C.V.   So, don’t let them push you out.  Quit while you’re ahead.  Resign… for health reasons… to spend more time with your family… blah, blah…  You know the score.


Let the Brexiteers deal with Europe.   Let them find the way to bring the  peace, plenty and self determination they promise.


Let them discover those profitable trade deals with the rest of the world.   Let them resolve the Irish Border question.   Let them deal with the DUP.   Let them sort out the customs union and the electronic border at Dover.

Sit back and watch.   Well, for a bit, while you recover from being everyone’s punch-ball.  Then get up.   Do a real job of leadership.  Save your country from ruin. Gather a coalition of reason and sanity.  Tour the country.   Tell people what Brexit will really be like.   Explain the benefits of staying in the E.U.   Remind them of all the past benefits.  Demand another referendum.

And when they howl,

“Denying the democratic will of the people!”

Remind them that they misled the people.   Inform them that, in countries where referendums are a regular thing, the Government  has a LEGAL obligation to explain BOTH sides of the issue.   That every household gets a leaflet with the information.   This never happened in Britain.   Insist that this be done for the next Referendum.

And if, after that, Britain is still in the E.U.  Take on the E.U.   Work out how it should be improved.  Focus on the basic necessities, decent housing, health care and education for all.   Lobby for it .  Gather support.   Keep your eye on the ball.    Keep at it.

Do that and you WILL be remembered.

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