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October 30, 2017 / catherinebwrites



I  can hear certain men now,  they’re bewildered,

“I don’t know what I’m allowed say around women these days!”

“Have they no sense of humour?”

“What’s wrong with a bit of flirting?”

Here are the answers.

Flirting: There’s nothing wrong with a bit of flirting, we enjoy it as much as you do.   And, like you, some of us do it just for the craic and some of us hope it leads somewhere.

Humour: Yes, we do have a sense of humour.   But, just like men, some of us have a better sense of humour than others.   Some of us have less of a sense of humour than others.    Some of us are hilarious.   Some of us are dull as ditch water.   We run the gamut – exactly like men.

What can you say?:   Well….. this is where you have to check in with yourselves.   Do you really, truly see women as your equal?   Really?   Now double check that one.

If your answer is “Yes” there there’s no problem.  You can say what you like because, if you do really and truly, see us as your equal,  you won’t say anything demeaning.  You’ll speak to us as equals.

Women instantly KNOW the men who respect us and see us as equals.  It takes only a couple of seconds to suss you out.   We see it in your body language, your tone of voice, how you address us, if you address us, the subjects on which you choose to address us. When we know that you see us as equals you can flirt, joke, pull our legs, ask our opinion, pick our brains…. whatever.

“But,” I hear you wail, “I LOVE women”

And there’s the give away!  Every sensible woman who hears that phase thinks, step away from this idiot.   The men who protest how much they love women really mean

A. that they find a wide range of women sexually attractive

B. they love having lots of women around them because that makes them look good.

“But,” I hear you wail, “I think women are FAR superior to men.”

Yikes O’ Reilly will you listen to yourself.   Women come in exactly the same range of morally good, bad and indifferent as men.   And frankly, if you insist on putting us on unrealistic pedestals  how do you see us when we don’t reach your impossible standards?   That’s right, you’re one of those guys with the Madonna/whore problem. Please get real.

What on earth is it that women want? you howl.

Simple.   We want equality.

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