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February 22, 2016 / catherinebwrites




Draft One done!!! Whew!!!     Draft One is all about gathering materials.   About giving your imagination full rein.   About trusting your intuition.  About discovering characters.  About  sensing the shape of your story.

Draft Two is about applying your craft .   Using your critical powers to examine what needs improving.  You’re thinking…

Eeeeeeeeeek…. there’s so much to do!!!!

But the great joy of applying your craft is that, as you tidy,  it clarifies your ideas even further PLUS it feeds your imagination as well.

But before you go galloping off…..WARNING…

Your first draft will need serious remodelling and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So here are some things to do that will help.

  • Print out your manuscript – it is easier  (I think) to see problems in hard copy and it is easier to make corrections and write directions.
  • Ask yourself “What is it about?”and “What is it really about?” Write the answers, they will help you to clarify your mind.   The clearer you  are the better you will write.
  • Read your manuscript OUT LOUD.  When you read silently you miss things because you read what you intended  rather than what you actually wrote.  Reading out loud is more efficient for picking up problems.


You already know that your first draft is going to be rough, so fine, this is not the time for a critical analysis.  This is the time for moving the furniture and sweeping up the debris. As you read thorough your first draft mark the following:

  • Information that needs to be moved. Make a note of where you think it should go.
  • Sections that need further information/ expansion/development.
  • Sections that need cutting down / out.
  • Confusions, gaps, jumps in logic.
  • Sections that need further research.
  • Anything else that strikes you as relevant.

As you make these notes little enlightenments will come; a better name ; a vivid example; an interesting scene etc.   Jot those down .


  • Leave it overnight.
  • Get ready to start your Second Draft.


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