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January 7, 2016 / catherinebwrites




And if you’re still unable to start, still leppin’ about like a like a flea in a circus, here’s a couple of things you can do to help clarify your thoughts.

Remind yourself that:

  • Writing is a journey from chaos to clarity.
  • Clarity is seldom instant
  • You have to clarify your thoughts before you can write them clearly
  • Each draft is a stage in that process
  • You’re still at the chaos stage and that’s normal.

Ask yourself:

  • What is this piece about?
  • What is it really about?

For example:

  • Q. What is Oliver Twist about?
  • A.  After many trials in Victorian London, an orphan finds a home (Plot).
  • Q. What is Oliver Twist really about?
  • A. The plight of the poor in Victorian London.(Theme)

Your answers at this stage will be vague.   That’s fine.

But these questions are important.   They get the creative juices flowing.

  • Ask them every time you start writing.
  • Ask them when you get stuck.
  • Ask them when you’re  paralysed by possibilities.
  • Ask them when you cannot decide which direction to take.

They will serve you well.

Write down your answers.   Ideas a change when they escape the confines of your skull.   They take on new meanings.   They expand.   They become clearer.   They enrich your writing.   They help keep you focused.

One thing is certain thing.   You will be surprised at what comes out of your head.

Choose a Title

Yes titles are important, they should attract, inform, intrigue, blah-de-blah… BUT…

Great titles do not always leap to mind on day one.  Never mind the perfect title.    Find  a WORKING TITLE.   It can be as unimaginative and awkward as you like but it must act like an anchor that keeps you on track. A word/phrase/sentence that, for you, says what this piece is about.

As for the perfect title, keep your mind open.   It will come.


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