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November 11, 2015 / catherinebwrites

THE GOLDEN BUBBLE – The Process of Writing 1.


This blog is for writers.   And wannabee writers.   And writers who are stuck.   And reluctant writers who hate the writing part of their work.   It’s for writers of fiction and writers of fact.

People think writing is just making it up.   Or just getting ideas on paper.  Most of us can do Facebook and Twitter and Blogs and so on, so, why do people complain that the Internet is filled with rubbish?

It’s like telling a story.  Most of us can tell a story, over a couple of pints, with friends.  But if we had to tell it to an audience of strangers it might need a few tweaks.   Writing is the same.   If you want strangers to read what you write you have to make yourself clear.  And that’s not always easy.  But I’m here to help.

There is a process that every writer goes through.   When you are unaware of it you want to howl at the moon when things go astray.   When you understand it and have the tools to help you move on, you can leave the moon undisturbed!


  1. The Golden Bubble – the inspiration.
  2. Jump down, turn around, pick a boll of cotton – the incubation.
  3. Who wrote this vile rubbish? – the first draft.
  4. Shifting furniture – the second draft.
  5. The Stasi investigation – the third draft.
  6. The last of the long decorations – ironing out the last snags and wrinkles.
  7. Those glorious words, THE END.

I’ll deal with them all in turn but  first we have to talk about MYTHS.   That’s my next blog.


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