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June 14, 2015 / catherinebwrites


Sir Tim Hunt

So Prof Tim Hunt came out with some intensely stupid stuff about women.

So what?

It’s the kind of comment we get every day from teachers, professors, bosses, colleagues, friends, instructors, fellas in garages, there’s no end to it.   And we each find some way of dealing with it.

But of course Professor Tim said it in public.   In front of a roomful of women scientists!  Yikes!

Professor Tim afterwards said that his comments were made in a light-hearted , humorous manner.

Yeah… That’s what they all say.   All that was missing from that statement was ” women have no sense of humour.”

Joke insults are just a way to say what you really think without taking responsibiity.

But I’m not so sure that Oxford were right in flinging him out on his ear.   After all he only said in public what many of his fellow professors, graduates and undergraduates say to their female students and colleagues daily. Instead, I think they should take a long hard look at themselves and use all that intelligence to set up a training in gender equality for their members.  And the rest of the Universities could follow suit before one of their Nobel winners goes off and makes an eejit of himself.


But no matter how many gender equality courses that are run, no matter what legislation , regulation etc. is put in place there will always be the men who continue to spout the put-downs and “jokes”that we have  to deal with.   So here’s a question for you all.

How should we deal with them?

All suggestions welcome.

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