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May 21, 2015 / catherinebwrites


School was BORING.  History – BORING.   Geography – BORING.  Maths – BORING.  English and Irish  – BORING… well…apart from writing essays because I could write a story.

I always loved reading but that love came from my parents.   But I only ever read novels and stories until as a adult I had a bad dose of ‘flu and had run out of books.   All I could find to read was a life of Queen Elizabeth the First.   I expected to be bored to tears because it was history but to my astonishment, it was riveting.   That led me onto reading about geography, science, maths, any subject at all really as long as it had a good story.   For a long time I was angry with the teachers who had bored me silly when a simple story would have hooked me.   But I’m over that now!

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Teachers are much more enlightened these days.   They know the value of stories but sometimes they feel shy of telling them, they’re not sure they can do them justice, they feel awkward about the idea of performance or  they are unsure how best to use them to serve and enhance the curriculum. Well… Aideen Mc Bride, Richard Marsh and me, Catherine Brophy, of Storytellers of Ireland, are here to help you.   We are all storytellers and we’re all teachers.

We are running a workshop called The Magic Tool on how to use storytelling in the curriculum.


Each day of the course will be a combination of theoretical and practical information plus lots of fun exercises in twos and small groups and general discussion.

On the theoretical side we will give you information on:

  • The psychological and educational value of stories which is backed up by reliable research.
  • How to use stories to teach and support the curriculum subjects…yes…even Maths!

On the practical side we will:

  • Demonstrate how to tell stories to various age groups and abilities
  • Give you stories that help teach different subjects
  • Give you stories that help to deal with behaviour and emotions
  • Direct you to good sources of stories
  • Give  you  fun exercises to do which help develop imagination and create your own stories and which also will translate to the classroom.
  • Help you to develop your own storytelling skills.

Our aim is to give you practical tools to bring to your classroom and let you have lots of fun doing it.

For booking and more information go to our Facebook page:

Or phone Aideen ( 0851605028)

Storytelling in the Curriculum 001


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