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October 17, 2014 / catherinebwrites


 So I’m sitting at home waiting for Alfred to Skype and fearing the worst.  I have this Bursary money from Age and Opportunity but  I don’t know if I can go ahead with my plans.  All I know was that Alfred is in the U.S. at a conference  and I’m waiting for him to Skype me… and waiting… and waiting….     Eventually we made contact.  

“Don’t buy any of that stuff,” Alfred said dismissing all my research in one sentence,  “it’s useless.   And besides  programme you’re suggesting won’t work.”


“I’ve already set up a training programme.”  

“What!!!!   Why didn’t you tell me this before now?”

“And besides, you can’t depend on volunteers.

Yikes… my world was crumbling around me.   What was I going to do?   How was I going to explain myself to Age and Opportunity?

“Well,” I stuttered, “what about some community education?   Like I did before in some of the schools?   You know… this is an ear, this is how it works, this is what goes wrong, this is how it affects spech and language…?

“Yeah sure…

“But what about the money? What can I spend it on?”

“We could do with a Hi Pro to calibrate hearing aids, a  printer and a  projector for for  hand-outs and slides for workshops, then there’s  materials, paper, pens etc.  Would your donors be okay with that?”

“Sure yeah.”

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“Don’t worry Catherine,”   he added, “I’ll arrange something for you and I’ll get back to you soon. ”

I gave him dates and  I waited and waited and waited….

To be continued….

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