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October 13, 2014 / catherinebwrites


 Now I have to sing the praises of Deafhear, the Association for the Deaf in Ireland,  and especially its chief Executive, Niall Keene.   Niall has always been very supportive of my work in Zambia.   He believes that Deafhear have  a responsibility to help the Deaf in developing countries, as a result, Deafhear  pay  for my travel expenses.   without that support I couldn’t do the work.   They also donate hearing-aid batteries which are  difficult to get in Zambia.  This time was no different .  

“If there’s any way we can helpCatherine,” he said “we will.”

Nial Keene looking handsome in his suit.



Amplifon, the Hearing Aid company offered to donate  audiometers.  Tim Ebbers, the director of Beit Cure Hospital offered to arrange transport  in Zambia.  Ben my husband ran a book sale, friends donated money.   The Age and Opportunity Bursary had  turned into Magic Beans!   I reckoned I could do training courses in Monze, Mazabuka and Lusaka.   Meanwhile and I was mulling over ideas to funding more programmes in other places.  


Amplifon - Bringing sound to life


    In April I had to go to the U.S. for work but I spent May and June researching the equipment  and following up on offers of help.   But the Magic Beans had stuttered to a stop.  



 Everyone I tried to contact was on holidays, at a Conference or out of the office and I had to sit round  kicking my heels waiting for replies.   Eventually, it all came together.  I e-mailed  Alfred in Zambia bringing him up to date and asking if there were any other equipment I should buy that would be useful.  

The reply was instant.

“Do nothing ‘till I speak to you.   We should Skype.”

Oh-oh…  what was that phrase  I’d  often heard…

“This is Africa… you never know what can happen.”

To be continued…



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