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January 30, 2014 / catherinebwrites


Some people think it’s January but I think it’s February.


  1. The post-Christmas glow has faded and you’ve used up  the delightfully packaged toiletries you got as presents.
  2. You’ve already back-slid on your New Year Resolutions and it’s eating away at your self-confidence.
  3. All the fresh vegetables and flowers in the shops have been flown a million miles from sunnier climes.
  4. The weather is  getting colder – yes, I saw it on Country File, the coldest weather is not mid-winter it keeps getting colder until Winter is over.
  5. You see the occasional snowdrop, it gives you hope that Spring’s round the corner, next morning it’s blighted by frost.  
  6. The days are not getting shorter quickly enough and  grey clouds are only inches above your nose.
  7. You’re bombarded by ads for summer holidays you can’t afford.
  8. The East wind is slicing the skin off your face.
  9.  Every time you make an effort to get some exercise and go for a walk, hailstones slash at you.
  10. You’ve eaten more consolation chocolate than is good for you .

So be like a bear, hunker down, stay warm, breathe in, breathe out, eventually it will be over.   There are only 28 days after all!


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  1. katiatorres679 / Feb 2 2014 3:14 pm

    no i think not even a month is cruel ^-^


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