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January 20, 2014 / catherinebwrites



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One of the myths that people have is that, as a writer, all you have to do is get your brilliant ideas down and somewhere an editor will do the tidying up.   Sadly, many of those people have ambitions to write….

Here’s the reality

  • No editor wants  a manuscript which is riddled with typos, poor punctuation, and grammatical errors…   Okay – so you know enough to clean that stuff up.
  • Editors loathe vague writing,  underdeveloped ideas, over-written descriptions and unnecessary repetitions.   It makes it difficult to understand the writer’s intent.  All they can do is guide you towards more clarity… this means teaching you how to write.  
  • Editors are NOT teachers, they’re editors, and they’ll only do this if A. you’re one of their best selling writers or B. you’re paying them money…    Okay –  so maybe you know that  too.
  • Editors love  a manuscript that is as  error-free and finished as possible.   Now they can help you  turn good work into  great work.   


Do you find yourself dithering over a sentence or a paragraph feeling there’s something not quite right but you don’t know what?

Do you find yourself thinking “sure it’s fiction, I’ll get away with it?”

Do you sometimes have a fleeting doubt which you  dismiss?

Are you sure that every sentence is in the right order?

Do you sometimes fudge issues of time?

Are you sure that every sentences  has the rhythm that enhances what you want it to say?

Are you sure that every word serves your intent?

Are you sure that every adjective and adverb has the resonance you need?

If any of these questions ring a bell then come along to POLISHING THE JEWEL, a workshop I am giving designed to give you the skills to edit yourself.

Venue:  Carousel Creates

Date: Saturday Jan 25th.

Cost Euro 60

Contact and further details:


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