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November 27, 2013 / catherinebwrites


Why do they always say that ?  Simple!   My sweet patootie  – as they say that in American sitcoms.

I made a video for Youtube.   I wanted a home- movie look so I got Marlee, the daughter of a friend to perform.   Marlee adores the limelight and she knows that, sure as Moms and Dads  love you and all  that glitters is fab-u-lous, that she will be an international star the very minute she’s grown up.   She did it in just one take!   That’s what I call professional!

Then I tried to upload it.   I watched the “how to”videos.   Several were incomprehensible … they talked too fast or the sound quality was hideous.   Many had no idea how to convey information.   But some were okay and I thought, yes,  I can do this.   I signed on to Google  but the password … do they have a special machine-of-evil for messing up passwords?   Half a day later that got sorted.   At last I got as far as Youtube “Upload”.   I clicked.   A rectangle appeared.    It had one of those circles turning, turning,  turning.  It’ll take  time I thought, and left it.   An hour later it was still  turning,  turning,  turning.   Five hours later, turn, turn, turn….

I  spent two days asking questions of Google, viewing “how to” videos and trying again and again.    Finally I had to call in the troops.   The troops  is my neighbour Leona Cleary who is a whiz on computer things.    She didn’t know what was going on either but before you could say boo to a goose she’d set up a new channel for me and uploaded my Burning Bright video.   Yieeeeeha!   Take a look.

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