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April 10, 2013 / catherinebwrites


I was in Manchester University the day that Margaret Thatcher was elected leader of the Tory party. Politics is a spectator sport for the Irish so I was glued to the TV footage. When I went into class the next day I was curious to hear the opinions of my classmates. The first woman leader of the Tory party!!! No one was interested, not even the women. Oh well…
While in England I visited Chester. I was pareticularly struck not only by the old world charm of the city but also by the very evident prosperity of the luxury shops and the clothing of the people I saw in the streets.
I returned home. Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister and did her two terms of office. Towards the end of her Premiership I visited Chester again. The luxury shops were all gone, replaced by pound shops. People were badly dressed and the city had an air of decay and depression.
I travelled on up through Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Northumberland. Everywhere I went I saw shops that had closed and houses for sale. In one tiny Yorkshire town, no bigger than Greystones, I counted twenty-eight “For Sale” signs on the high Street. Why weren’t they marching on London? Why was there no revolution?
So I don’t know what they mean when they say that she was the saviour of Britian. Here’s what I do know.
1. She was the first woman Prime Minister of Britian. Fabulous.
2. She understood nothing about Ireland,refused to learn and,as a result, prolonged the troubles there.
3.She and Ronald Regan set us up for the current global financial crises.
4. She invented the notion that there is no such thing as community.
5. She decimated communities all over the north of England and Scotland.
So tell me again. What exactly was it that she did that was so great?

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