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January 21, 2013 / catherinebwrites


Steep - and the path is not always clear.

Steep – and the path is not always clear.

 Burning Bright, (my new novel) returned from its second trip to the editor, Helen Falconer. Helen has a gimlet eye and a laser mind and she will winkle out every anomaly, misspelling, gramatical infelicity and incorrect punctuation. (If you need an editor  contact her,  Helen Falconer [[email protected]])

However there’s only so much an editor can do. I still had to scour the manuscript and, of course, I found all kinds of niggly things things that needed adjusting. It’s the curse of the writer. You write the sentence you polish it, you re-polish it, you buff it, you apply a high gloss and you sit back feeling pleased with yourself.   Then you visit it a week, a month, a year later and you think… oh dear, that’s not quite right and off you go on another neurotic honing expedition.

But all the honing is done now and it’s off to Don O’ Conor at Slickfish ( for design and the cover illustration.

So the day is coming close when I can put it up on Amazon and you can download it.   It’s been a steep learning curve and I’m not at the summit just yet.

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