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November 7, 2012 / catherinebwrites


Obama got re-elected Yieeeeee ha!  And by a respectable majority. So Americans are sane after all!

Barack Obama 

Apologies to all American readers but you might as well know the truth.   Over this side of the world we think that the land of the free and the home of the brave is is populated by religious crazies, gun-toting isolationists, Klu-Klux Clansmen, slack-jawed yokels, tea-party babes in red tailored suits, vitriolic shock jocks whose views that would make Gengis Khan faint and the bizarrely-coifed Donald Trump. 

And you’ve got to admit they make great televsion.   They spawn fabulous headlines.   They spit quotable quotes and stop-the-lights soundbites.   But we all have our quota of crazies. It’s just that America is a whole continent and some of their crazies are billionaires with their own T.V. networks who can inflate their believers to seem more than they actually are.  

And our press conspires.   They  leap on American crazies with delight for there’s nothing we like better than to sit back in our armchairs  and go. “Americans… they’re mad.”

But the real Americans came out to vote, the ordinary joes, the soccer moms, the squeezed middle classes,  the teachers, the lawyers, the doctors,  the shop-owners, the business people,  the actors, the rich and the poor. They said no to the  billionaire nonsense.


Now the rest of the world can get back to business.


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  1. bankholidaytuesday / Nov 8 2012 11:14 pm

    Three cheers for Obama. If he would just cut the Drone Bombing out…


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