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October 25, 2012 / catherinebwrites



Wow…, my blogs have fallen by the wayside as my tonsils have been fully occupied with things being up to them!

I’m off to Zambia again on Nov.18th. This time I’ll be there for a fortnight. The first week we’ll be doing the usual clinics but we are doing an extra one in Monze which will mean an overnight there. During the second week I’ll be seeing the patients Kieran has operated on. I also hope to do some talks for teachers about how to deal with children in your class who have hearing problems. I’ve made some contacts but so far have heard nothing definite as yet.

I’ve also been contacting friends and relations to ask for children’s clothes which I will bring out ato my friend  Sr. Mariana in Mazabuka to distrubite to the local people who need them.   

We have also been looking for transport in Zambia.   Our usual transport is not available.   We’ve all been e-mailing friends there but failing spectacularly to make contact with anyone!   Who knows, we could end up hitch-hiking!

Finally I’ve been doing talks for the Soroptimists in Drogheda and the Federation of University Women graduates.   And I’ve been demanding money from them with meanaces… well no, I was charming and they were generous.   And I’m hoping that both organisations will raise more money for ENT Zambia in the near future.

If you would like me talk to your organisation about Zambia I’d be delighted BUT I’ll be expecting a contribution.   E N.T. Zambia depends heavily on voluntary contributions  so if you want to contribute feel free to contact me. 


CONTACT : [email protected]


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  1. Louise / Oct 26 2012 5:55 pm

    Good luck the trip Catherine 🙂


    • catherinebwrites / Oct 27 2012 10:44 am

      Thanks Louise. I’m going to have to start dragging out the summer gear ’cause it’s going to be hot.


  2. Zelda Hall / Oct 29 2012 3:09 pm

    Well I hope all those logistics work out.They probably will.Fantastic that you are all doing this work! Love, Zelda


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