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January 29, 2011 / catherinebwrites


Last Thursday was gravestone cold with bitter wind sneaking into any chink in our coats, scarves and hats as we stamped our feet and hunched our shoulders outside Kilmainham Jail. The Kilmacow marchers were there getting their banners ready and happy to talk to supporters and press. They are ordinary working men from Kilmacow in Co. Kilkenny who were so fed up with the mess our politicians have created that they decided to march to the Dail in protest against the way they have been ruining the country.

They set off from ‘The Fox’s Den” pub five days ago. By the time they got to Dublin one was on crutches, another had shin splints but they were determine to finish the march. On their way up the country they got great support and were offered enough tea to float the Queen Mary.

We set off from Kilmainham jail led by Donal Fallon of Historical Insights. As we marched cars honked, groups cheered, people waved from windows and doorways and shouted good wishes and bystanders joined in It was a happy kind of a walk. Some people were there because “I’m always giving out about the government and I thought it was time to walk.” Others had sons or daughters who have to emigrate to find work because builders bankers and politicians have destroyed our economy. All were united in their disgust at the Fianna Fail/Green Party coalition but especially at the Fianna Fail.

On the way we stopped at various historical sites and Donal Fallon talked about various men who had fought and died for Ireland. At first I was uncomfortable with all this historical ‘up the republicanism@. I’ve felt for a long time that it’s time for us Irish to stop quoting our martyrs and get on with making our country and decent place to live but, as the march went on I realised that what Donal was doing was reminding us of the men in the past who were prepared to take action and to give their lives to make this country a decent place to live and that the comparison with them and our present Government was very odious indeed.

The men laid a wreath at the G.P.O.for all those young people who will have to emigrate. When we came to the Dail, they read a simple statement urging us all to use our votes in the elections and the demand responsibility and reliability from our politicians.
I found the whole thing very moving and I am deeply grateful to the men from Kilmacow. They are:



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