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January 25, 2011 / catherinebwrites


I’ve never been able to understand why the Fianna Fail party has the support of so many good, honest, responsible, upstanding citizens. The party has been corrupt since the beginning. It’s founder, Eamon De Valera, sold fake shares in the Irish Press to Irish Americans. There was Taca, there was Gubu, the mohair suits, the Arms scandal, Ray Burke, Liam Lawler, Charlie Haughey, Bertie the Hernia, John O’Donoghue, expenses scandals,jobs for the boys, backhanders, brown envelopes… the list goes on. If I, the least political person in Ireland, knew about this stuff, party members must have known too. So why did they stay members? And why did so many more keep on voting for them?

I think it’s because the Fianna Fail party is not an expression of politics, it’s an expression of faith. Faith in “up the republic,” “wrap the green flag round me.”, “thank God we’re surrounded by water”, “burn everything British except its coal”, “don’t worry Missus, I’ll get you the medical card”.
It is akin faith in the Catholic Church. It took scandal after horror, after horror, after scandal to shake the power of the Catholic Church in Ireland. And still there are people who, in the teeth of the evidence, insist that it’s all the fault of the media. Now it is taking the ruin of the country to undermine faith in Fianna Fail.
There was a hymn we learned in school which went:
“Faith of our father’s , Holy Faith
We will be true to thee till death.”
And boy but we took those words to heart.

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