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January 20, 2011 / catherinebwrites


We’ve had great excitement since Sunday. After numerous calls for his resignation and demands from all quarters for an election, the Taoiseach, otherwise known as Buffo rose on his hind legs in front of the T.V cameras and press.
“I’m proud,” he said, “of the discussion our party has had.”
It was behind closed doors so who are we to comment.

Then he declared that he had tabled a motion of confidence in himself for Tuesday and it would be a secret ballot. And immediately went into election mode. Tough decisions/ interests of the country/put the country first etc.

So they had their secret ballot. Buffo won. Then Ministers started resigning. By lunchtime to-day six Ministers were gone. Buffo could not be found. Mary Hanafin came on tele and did her best but looked pretty freaky-eyed as she tried to tell us that she didn’t agree with the Taoiseach but she still supported him.

Then they announced an election.

Already the Fianna Failers are singing Buffo’s tune
“We took the hard decisions,
And we know ye’re all upset
But in the interests of the country
Fianna Fail is your very best bet”

And you took those “hard decisions” because…?
The downturn in the International Economy.
Why are we so much worse off than almost anyone else? We were, after all, one of the wealthiest countries in Europe before all this?
International markets/ banking crisis/ burble-de-burble-de-burble.
No. It’s because you, the Fianna Fail party, who has been in office almost continuously since the foundation of the State have behaved like ignorant cute hoors and ruined us.
How do you expect us to have any faith in you if you don’t have the guts to own up to your disgraceful behaviour in office.
We’re not eejits.

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